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The history of IZETA began with fur products. Certified auction fur, hand work and uncompromising high quality tailoring have been the all-important principles of the line.

Izeta believes that the fur product does not have an expiration date, thus she prefers the classic cut as the main silhouette.

Certified auction furs
High quality

The range of fur line includes iconic sable and mink models. One of the main fur products for many years has been a sewn mink model. This is a special technology developed by Izeta herself — in order to make it weightless, the furriers cut fur into thin pieces and sew them on natural silk. Finally it looks like an imitation of a single canvas that weighs less than 500 grams. It takes about three months to make such an item.

An option of personal order is also available. IZETA also has a Home line — you can purchase fur interior items according to individual design.

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